Not eligible for an upgrade for verizon

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According to the VZW website andcustomer service reps I am eligible for an upgrade for the next sixth months. But I have VZ dealers at places like Walmart, Best Buy .
Verizon Authorized Agent performs unauthorized alternate upgrades to make a sale on a line that was not eligible for upgrade Posted Sun December 5, 2010 8:12 am, by .
am i eligible for verizon iphone, eligiblefor an upgrade to an iphone 4 verizon, how do i upgrade from a droid to an iphone, how do i upgrade to iphone verizon
I currently have a basic phone on a family plan with no frills. I want to upgrade to a smartphone, but I'm not eligible for an upgrade until next year. If someone gives .
The Deals > Hot Deals . Verizonwireless is offering early upgrade to everyone whos contract is ending before . There are free tethering programs. If you want an .
I have a samsung intensity II from verizon and im not eligible for an upgrade till 2012 can i switch to an htc?
Question: Is there a way to get the new every 2 accelerated? What have people done with an additional line to facilitate an upgrade? Background: I've
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I went to the Verizon store yesterday to buy an Incredible, was told I was not 'upgrade eligible', Not eligible for an upgrade for verizon would have to pay $550 for the phone. If I buy this through Amazon at .
Well, go to a verizon store and ask is you are

Not eligible for an upgrade for verizon

eligible for an upgrade.
This is a long post with some potentially hot information for VZW customers. I apologize if this has been posted elsewhere (I couldn't find it) or if it's common .
Q. Am I Eligible for a Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Upgrade? Not all existing Verizon Wireless customers qualify for contract extensions. Verizon Wireless
Cell phones: Eligible for Verizon Upgrade. What should I do?!?! - Read cell phone discussions and get tips and advice on this topic and others on CNET Forums.
If I am not eligible for an early upgrade how can I buy a new phone at a discounted price from verizon? ChaCha Answer: You can always.
Verizon is about to change their upgrade policy to make things more annoying for you. Luckily, in an effort to smooth the transition, Verizon is calling the change

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