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31. srpna 2011 v 23:56

A huge directory of text emoticons, text smileys and ASCII emoticons. Useful for chats, emails and SMS messages.
MSN Names and Naughty for Messenger plus bitchy msn names, Depressing MSN Names, emoticones animados and keyboard shortcut for emoticon
Naughty text emoticons software: Install emoticons for MSN Messenger, Moremoticons skype plugin for hidden emoticon, Preview, install Emoticons to MSN Messenger and more.
Free adult emoticons and rude smiley faces for instant Text emoticons naughty messenger and email. Not for serious people.
@@@@@:-) Marge Simpson @:-) John Travolta in
Surely you've used emoticons before, or at least encountered them while surfing the Intertubes, but did you know that they've been around since the 1800s?
Free blackberry curve emoticons for text messaging downloads - Collection of blackberry curve you insert animated Emoticons and smileys into your emails and message.
Here are some totally naughty panda emoticons. These totally naughty panda emoticons are mischievous and naughty as hell. Check out these naughty panda
Have you ever come across a panda emoticon that is cute and at the same time naughty? These black and white panda emoticon will bring you laughter when you use
The complete list of Japanese Text Emoticons, Vertical Emoticons, Emoji and Smileys
Information on Naughty Emoticons at Reference.com, Computers section . Tynan-Wood includes some open source software options, though she stresses their lack of cost more .
Naughty Emoticons Freeware. Download32 is source for naughty emoticons freeware shareware, freeware download - White Emoticons , LoveYa Emoticons , Quince Emoticons .
A searchable database of text-based emoticons and smiley faces.
Naughty in the Naughty emoticons category. We also have free animated emoticons, free MSN emoticons, msn word emoticons!
Looking for Naughty Text Messages? You will find all the Naughty Text Messages related messages here. Just read the Text emoticons naughty full collection of Naughty Text Messages , Msgs and .
Emoticons : An emoticon of a nerd doing naughty things in front of the computer.
Software tools for naughty rude emoticon msn , free download software and ,Emoticon Adventures ,Emofaces.com bouncy Emoticon Screensaver ,My Rude Emoticons ,Rude Video .
Bummer. What a shiner this naughty emoticons has. A black eye is not good news. We recommend wearing sunglasses #-) Incapable of functioning after a long night of partying .
Best Answer: I know what you are referring to because I downloaded them too. I didn't like it because not

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