What will i feel if i smoke marijuana and take xanax

1. září 2011 v 0:07

You might feel more side effects such as dizziness and drowsiness. This will increase the depressive effect of both drugs.
yeah if i were you i'd take way more xanex. if you get something called a "bar" you only need like, one and you wont be able to walk. its safe, i've done it before.
Best Answer: The xanax will ruin your marijuana high, and all you will feel is the effects of the xanax, that's all. . yeah if i were you i'd take way .
Sick of life. ..?????/? im an soo fed up with living, its causing nothing but pain and more pain,,,,,there is NO happiness ever.any one else feel this way? oh and .
Hi i'm 21 and I had my first panic attack the other day out of no where and wanted to call 911 until I started reading about panic attacks and realized I had all the .
What happens if you smoke weed and take xanax? ChaCha Answer: Some people feel nothing at all when they smoke marijuana. Others may f.
I've used Xanax with mj on many occasions. It doesn't really enhance my experience - but it certainly does settle my nerves if I feel any sort of
If I get panic attacks when I usually smoke, would it help to take a xanax before or right What will i feel if i smoke marijuana and take xanax after smoking?
Best Answer: Technically, I should tell you that all drugs that aren't prescribed by a doctor are bad for you, and you shouldn't be doing them. If you don't take that .
your eyes will swell yp, then you will go What will i feel if i smoke marijuana and take xanax temporally blind, next your eyes will burn like crazy and most likely bleed
You may be able to smoke Xanax, but there is no reason to try. It is not meant to be smoked. You will not

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